Chaos Online Launches As Free To Play MOBA

Asiasoft is ready to release its first ever massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Chaos Online, and it'll be free to everyone come May 29.

Not only is Chaos Online Asiasoft's first MOBA, but it's also the first game the publisher will be releasing across multiple regions at the exact same time, meaning that players from all over the world will be able to jump into the game and start squaring off in team-based online combat in unison.

Chaos Online is Asiasoft's first published MOBA title and we are proud to partner with Neoact, who has done a great job creating such a competitive title that suits our region's e-sport scene,” said Asiasoft Chairman Sherman Tan. “Chaos Online is the first in a line-up of regional AAA titles that will be published this year simultaneously in multiple countries, in multiple languages.”

Similar to games like League of Legends, Chaos Online is all about choosing a solid team of “heroes,” jumping in with a group of fellow players and taking on another team across a symmetrical map. The object of the game is to use the terrain and your unique mix of abilities to out-think and out-maneuver the opposition and pull off the victory.

Over 80 heroes will be available at launch across various classes including Carry, Disabler, Escape, Ganker, Initiator, Nuker, Pusher, Support, Semi-Carry and Tank. The game will also feature a couple of features new to MOBAs, including the ability to purchase items in real time during combat and the ability to destroy parts of the environment in order to create new paths.

Arriving May 29, you can read up on the lore, mechanics and more, as well as download the free-to-play client by visiting the Chaos Online official website.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.