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Just Cause 3 may have released just a month ago to the day on December 1st 2015, but modders have already been hard at work on improving the game. One of those mods happens to be the next evolution of the Just Cause multiplayer mod, this time designed for Just Cause 3.

The news was made over on the official Just Cause Multiplayer website, where the team unleashed an exciting new trailer showing the mod in action as part of the new year celebration. Check it out below.

The trailer reveals a seemingly well-optimized rendition of the multiplayer mod for Avalanche Studios' open-world action title.

We get to see that the race mode has returned, which was one of the highlights of the MP mod for Just Cause 2. This mod saw tons of players racing through pre-designated courses at high-speeds in pre-selected vehicles. It might sound standard fare, but having 50 people racing in limousines around tight bends on a cliff-side was thrilling, ridiculous, and 100% entertaining.

The video above also reveals a little bit about the latency of the mod. At the end, we see a sequence where a player is drifting around on a runway while another player drives by in an aircraft carrier. There's more to this little sequence than just a moment of “Hey, look at this guy doing this cool drift between the wheels of a carrier plane!”. The significance is in the timing between the collisions and the synching of the object movement data.

Anyone who plays games online or previously played the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod can attest to the fact that the lag and synching could make or break some moments. Most players were okay with the synching not being perfect due to the nature of the mod; but right off the bat we're seeing that Just Cause 3 will be starting off with the sort of optimization that wasn't present in Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod until at least a year on in development.

The news did cause a few hardcore JC2-MP fans to lose heart because they feel the mod for the second game will no longer be updated, but I think the modders did all that they could for Just Cause 2. It has customizable buildings, the ability to play as any character in the game, spawn in NPCs, craft quests, partake in custom game modes and do all sorts of other stuff that goes over and beyond what was originally allowed in the vanilla game.

In fact, the popularity of the JC2-MP mod blasted up the max active users for Just Cause 2 to over 500,000 gamers at one point. I don't think the modders need to worry too much about the second game anymore, given that they've definitely helped raise awareness and sales for Square Enix and Avalanche Studios.

As for Just Cause 3... the game got off to a rough start on PC because it lacked proper optimization compared to the PS4 version of the game. However, Avalanche Studios is continually patching and fixing the game, and this will help with the appeal with consumers combined with the multiplayer mod being updated and released, which will surely bring in even more gamers.
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