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There's been a resurgence in PC gaming lately at the close of this console generation. A lot of developers have grown tired of the royalty expenses and costs of development on home consoles and have decided to take up a home with making low-cost, high-quality games on PC that can live for as long as the community keeps outputting content for the game.

One developer who has decided to get in on the modding community fun is Torn Banner Studios, who has plans to get modding tools up and out for the community. There's no actual ETA on the release of the tools but they're coming soon...or so, that's what Torn Banner's president Steve Piggott is suggesting.

PC Gamer picked up the news from PC GamesN, where Piggott talks about the various updates inbound for the medieval PvP game in a developer Q&A video where Piggott mentions that more gore will be added to the game and additional fixes to server browsing and customization.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first-person action combat game similar to Paradox Interactive's War of the Roses. Both games feature “realistic” combat in one way or another and are both gruesome, visceral multiplayer experiences tuned around cooperative, tactical gameplay.

You can grab Chivalry off digital distributors right now, or you can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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