Cho'gall Reminds Us Why Heroes Of The Storm Is So Unique

Heroes of the Storm recently made a risky move by introducing Cho'gall, the first two-player character for the MOBA. It seemed risky at first, anyway. In truth, this character fits perfectly with Blizzard's overall plan for Heroes.

Cho'gall, a two-headed ogre, is two characters in one. One player is Cho, a Warrior who controls the movement of the character. The Gall player is essentially a gunner. They have access to a few very damaging spells but have no say over what direction the character runs. In lieu of a mount, they can press Z to give Cho'gall a temporary speed boost.

To me, playing as Gall feels like the ultimate newbie experience. With no control over movement, you get to focus on simply learning how to pull off skillshots. You also learn a bit about timing. Your Runic Blast detonates the Runic Bomb that Cho rolls, so you have to pay attention and set it off when enemies or their buildings are in the blast radius. The speed boost in your back pocket, meanwhile, teaches you to remember long cooldown abilities and save them for the right situations.

That's not to say that Cho'gall is strictly a "noob" champion. I'm sure that a pair of players that work really well together could use him to great effect. The important thing, though, is that Gall has such a low skill floor. Pretty much anyone could play him and be at least somewhat useful. It's like playing Murfy in Rayman Legends or, to use a more outdated reference, playing as Tails in Sonic 2.

This sort of training wheels experience is a big deal in a MOBA because this genre notoriously hard on newbies. There's so much to learn simply to go from being an F player to being a D player. When you start a game like Dota 2 or League of Legends with no prior experience in the genre, you're signing up for potentially weeks or months of crushing defeats. I've been playing LoL since February or March and I still think I'm terrible.

It makes perfect sense for Cho'gall to be in Heroes, though. Blizzard has tried to set their MOBA apart from the others by making it 50% less intimidating. In HotS, players don't have to worry about last-hitting minions to get more gold or preventing their opponents from doing the same. In fact, there is no gold. You don't even have to buy items. Plus, you gain experience points as a team so there's no chance of being completely left behind.

It's clear that Blizzard wants their game to be the MOBA for people who never considered MOBAs. Cho'gall certainly furthers that goal. He's yet another helping hand willing to guide a newbie into the game.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.