Hide your Glenn Becks; put your Bill O'Reillys away; cover the eyes of your Ann Coulters and close the ears of your Jack Thompsons and Kirk Camerons...it's about to get controversial in here in a real bad way. 4Chan – I said it was going to get controversial, so yeah – made a game in 10 hours called Chris Dorner: The Last Stand and it's gone viral. It focuses on Chris Dorner, a guy who wanted to kill people because he felt he was treated wrongly and ended up dying. I'm sure you'll find out plenty of info on the story on Fox News.

Gameranx managed to scope the story out after it filtered from the internet wasteland known as 4Chan and ended up in the internet cesspool known as Reddit. The whole thing managed to just spread, and spread and spread from there. So what is it? It's a video of a game that's freely available running on the Doom engine.

Given that we practically have no standards here at Gaming Blend save for a few that aren't outlined anywhere, I'll let you see the game in action below. I must issue a word of warning, the content below is extremely offensive and Conservatives with butt cheeks squeezed tighter together than a nun's legs at a Charlie Sheen house party might want to steer clear.

The following video contains language of a sensitive nature to those living in 1967 and refers to tropes and stereotypes that haven't been seen since Trevon Martin was in the news, and offers up a commentary on the Chris Dorner incident that would make Bill Maher blush and Dennis Miller shut up for once.

It's also an amazing look at how this real-life figure is ridiculed, celebrated, denigrated, stereotyped, praised and humiliated all in one go. Only 4Chan could manage to do something so unabashedly vile and so distastefully entertaining.

Watch. Don't enjoy. I warned you.

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