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Christian Group Thinks Army Of Two Is Totally Gay

A common joke among gamers who have played Army of Two is that the two main characters, a duo of mercenaries, are homosexual lovers. A conservative Christian group has just released a holiday shopping guide for parents that agrees with the theory.

The Timothy Plan, a conservative investment firm, released a guide of the thirty most offensive video games this week (thanks GamePolitics). It gives a detailed analysis of the sexual content, violence, addictiveness of various games but unlike most guides of this sort, it also specifically mentions whether there is gay/lesbian content. The entry for Fable 2, for example, mentions that you can make your characters enter gay/lesbian marriages.

The Army of Two entry really puts the game under a microscope, though. "Although never spoken of, undertones of homosexuality are present. Weaponry in the game can be decorated to be anything from diamond encrusted to gold plated. You share a parachute with your partner, and the riot shield system allows one player to use a shield or car door as portable cover while the other cuddles close behind and dispenses 'lead' from his 'iron.'"

Gay people share parachutes and wield diamond encrusted guns? Hiding behind a riot shield with another person during a gun fight is a metaphor for butt sex? Who knew? Thanks, Timothy Plan!

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.