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Cities In Motion 2 Gears Up For Monorail Expansion, Linux Support

Fans of Cities in Motion 2 are about to enjoy a brand new way to put said cities in motion as Paradox Interactive announces the upcoming release of the Marvelous Monorails expansion which, as its namesake suggests, adds monorails into the mix.

A “transit-planning strategy game,” according to Paradox, Cities in Motion 2 has kept resource management hounds busy for months designing, constructing, maintaining and expanding their transit network, adapting to the size and needs of their growing city.

“Fleets of vehicles, including buses, trains, ferries and subways, must be assembled and set in motion on player-created tracks and routes, providing affordable and efficient transit between growing residential and commercial centers,” reads a breakdown from developer Colossal Order. “As players engineer their systems, the city will grow dynamically around them, keeping players on their toes with increased population, congestion and budgetary concerns.”

Think of a game like Sim City, where you get to manage a bunch of different systems on a small level, and imagine if that game honed in on a single main system, determining the city's success based on how well its citizens are able to get around without costing themselves, or the city, a fortune. Once you've got that in your head, you're pretty much looking at Cities in Motion 2.

With the addition of monorail systems, players will have a new weapon in their arsenal for creating the most efficient city, allowing subways to take care of the load underground, buses and the like to roam the streets, and the new monorails to tower above it all on raised tracks.

While no release date other than “soon” has been announced, Paradox has also announced that Cities in Motion 2 will be bringing its unique breed of gameplay to a whole new audience as Linux support is nearly ready to roll.

“We believe in Linux as a platform for the future of gaming,” said Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester. “Gamers who currently use Linux are a smart and demanding bunch, and they expect versatility and an experience that fits their personal preferences, which makes our games a great fit.”

No word yet on whether or not the monorail expansion will be available for the Linux launch but, when it is, it'll sport five new monorail vehicles for players to add to their fleet.

“Monorails, which work best on circular layouts, are ideal for inner-city connections and offer a more affordable alternative to metro lines, with a choice of cars from big and slow to speedy but expensive,” reads the Paradox announcement.

Which route you take is entirely up to you.

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