City Car Driving Takes To Steam's Greenlight

Have you ever got home from a long day of work and dealing with rush hour traffic and then you thought to yourself “Man, I'd love to play a game where I get stuck in rush hour traffic for three hours dealing with rude drivers and a petty car that can't go very fast?” Well, if that's been some masochistic desire of yours, you just might enjoy the Russian car simulator, City Car Driving.

The game found its way onto Steam's Greenlight, where Forward Development is looking to branch the game out for audiences beyond their niche market. If you're not quite grasping what City Car Driving entails as an interactive gaming experience, feel free to check out the lengthy Let's Play session below, courtesy of Dan The Great.

That has to be one of the most intense driving simulators around. Did you see how that bus driver got all furious and stopped to honk the horn? Man, I thought someone was going to have an aneurism after that.

City Car Driving sports the latest in driving wheels, as well as advanced AI for some near real-to-life driving simulation immersion.

I really hope Rockstar has some intense pedestrians and AI in GTA V. How cool would it be spending hours driving around the city with turn signals, and grannies crossing the street and slow-arse production cars that can barely do 50km/h? Righteous.

If City Car Driving really tickles your fancy and gets you all hot and bothered for some Russian city driving, feel free to upvote the game over on the official Greenlight page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.