NCSoft didn't just turn City of Heores into a free-to-play MMO and then leave it for the wolves. Oh no, NCSoft is aimed at maintaining their game for the long-haul and they want gamers to know that the Death Incarnate update is coming by releasing some new screenshots.

Issue 22 of City of Heroes, Death Incarnate, features brand new zones including competitive PvP arenas, brand new forces of evil to battle and even exclusive new VIP content for paid subscribers.

However, a lot of the content will still be accessible to free-to-play gamers, including the Dark Astoria zone, some of the new powers and even updated endgame content. What's more is that your hero will also receive an updated level-cap for Incarnate Shifts, so Incarnate-level shifted characters can expand their powers to grow even stronger than before.

One of the real highlights of City of Heroes, for those of you who don't know, is that the game relies heavily on player-customized heroes and villains. So you can sculpt and create the hero or heroine of your dreams just the way you always wanted.

For more info on the Death Incarnate update be sure to pay a visit to the Official City of Heroes Website.

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