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Today Mechanist Games launched the latest alpha test for their browser-based MMORPG City of Steam. We've got loads of alpha keys to give away in case you want to give this steampunk fantasy MMO a shot.

During the test, players take on the role of four different classes (Warder, Arcanist, Gunner, Channeler) and adventure through a mechanized planet called the World Machine. You can complete quests alone or with friends. Mechanist has designed the game to be easy to jump in and out of; you can play for a mere 10 minutes to complete part of a quest and then come back later to complete it.

Steam is powered by the Unity 3D plug-in. You won't need to download and install a huge client to play. As such, the game can run from a variety of machines. Again, the goal is accessibility. Mechanist wants the game to be convenient for anyone to play.

If you want an alpha key, follow us on Facebook. We'll be giving out the keys over the course of the next day. To get the ball rolling, though, here are ten keys. May the gamers with the quickest fingers win:
  • rXGCu-Mx5Iq-kqFbr-4cfv2
  • X23zm-B9VCc-SaZ58-xWfzf
  • tn86I-jc4Ua-JTuuE-TTvKU
  • WIPTZ-Q2wmN-BVyKk-vfgNr
  • hRc9u-6bfpe-EubpR-kUq8k
  • 5sdM7-RWs8P-zECEh-dYqsP
  • 5DSYi-bbA7A-h8t5M-t5P6Y
  • MdF3W-jgHVy-Ba2xu-UkyAC
  • YAKxN-p7AKV-4Jqxi-XiHHb
Once you've got an alpha key, head to to create an account.

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