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Following Alpha testing this past August, upcoming free-to-play MMO City of Steam is now ready to enter its closed Beta phase. Developer Machanist Games have released official dates for the beta test, which spans the next two months, as well as a few extra details about the game and a new Beta teaser trailer.

If you've ever played an MMO before, then you know pretty much what to expect from City of Steam. Players can build their own character, send them out into a massive steampunk world, interact with fellow players and lay waste to an invading race of goblin-looking-robot-dudes.

What sets City of Steam apart from many of its peers, however, is the fact that it is run entirely within your web browser. So long as you have a decent web connection, you can log in from any computer and jump right back into your game. Utilizing the Unity 3D engine, however, not having to download a massive game client doesn't mean that City of Steam will be skimping on the graphics or the content.

To register for a chance to take part in the upcoming Beta, head on over to the game's official website. From there, you'll be able to take part in the social sharing Steam-o-meter feature that will up your chances of getting into the beta, or you can just buy a Beta Collaborator Pack, which grants a bunch of in-game extras, a character name reservation and guaranteed Beta access. Additional tiers of the Collaborator Packs even let you personally design an item, get your name to appear in the game or additional swag from the developers.

And now, that Beta timeline we promised. City of Steam will undergo a series of five-day test phases for its various bits of content. Springtide will be tested from Nov. 16-20. Summercrest will be put through the paces from Nov. 30-Dec. 4. Autumnwane will get its day in the sun from Dec. 14-18. Finally, the Winter Festival will be observed from Dec. 23-28.