The popular browser-based MMORPG City of Steam is finally exiting closed beta and embracing the openness of open beta. The game will be allow for gamers to sign-up and begin playing in the open beta beginning May 10th.

Previously, the closed beta tests took place during the end of last year and it saw a real crowd being drawn to the game due to its fantasy steam environments and unique take on the industrial steam-powered era.

The game has received quite a bit of fair praise from many gaming outlets and has even managed to find itself on Steam's Greenlight where it was approved by Valve and will be receiving a client-side module for higher-end gamers.

The English version of the game is currently being published by R2 Games and the company is working hard with the developers to shape and mold the game with a lot of community and fan feedback.

You can learn more about the City of Steam by paying a visit to the game's Official Website. The title is set for open beta access beginning May 10th, with a final release date presumably set for sometime later this year.

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