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Firaxis has two additional downloadable content packs planned for their grand strategy game Civilization V. The upcoming DLC will add a new civilization as well as new scenarios to test your skills.

The Korea Civilization and Scenario Pack introduces the Korean Civilization to the game. You will play as Sejong the Great, fourth king of the Choson Dynasty. This fifteen century ruler actively promoted the sciences and technology during his reign. He's also said to have created the Korean written language, which sounds pretty exhausting. Turtle Ships and Hwach’a artillery are among the new units at Sejong's command.

The scenario included with the Korea DLC is called the "The Samurai Invasion of Korea." Japanese warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, now in full control of his country, has decided to conquer their neighbor to the west. Players can experience the scenario as Korea, China, Manchuria, or Japan.

The second downloadble content pack is the Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack. This pack is the first DLC to add new Wonders to the game. It introduces three: The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Statue of Zeus, and the Temple of Artemis. By constructing one of these wonders, a civilization will gain strong bonuses. In the Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario, Civilizations compete to build the most Wonders.

The Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack and Korea Civilization and Scenario Pack will both be released on August 11th. You can buy both together for $7.49, or pay $4.99 for just one of the DLC.