The Kickstarter for Neal Stephenson and Subutai Corporation's Clang is in dire need of an extra kick to get started. With barely eight days to go and sitting at a pretty $374,334 out of their initial $500,000 goal, Neal has released another video for one extra push to reach their financial destination.

The videos for Clang are absolutely hilarious, and I love the deadpan comedy timing of Stephenson. There's a build-up to a joke in the following video that is absolutely straight-up the funniest thing I've seen in relation to way companies operate and I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, so just watch it and laugh.

I literally laughed out loud at the end part there in order to get the power back on at Subutai Corp. That was hilarious. The first thing that came to mind were EA's CEO John Riccitiello and Activision-Blizzard's CEO Bobby Kotick. Someone should re-edit the video and past their heads in there.

Anyway, the real deal is that Clang needs some financial help because you won't ever get a game like this from any major AAA publishers. They only care about Call of Duty and World of Warcraft [clones]. If we want the kind of historically fun games that we can tell our grandkids about while our heads are kept alive in life-sustaining jars for eons to come, we have to start somewhere and that somewhere starts with Kickstarter.

Clang features physics-based sword combat, where different weapons behave the way they would in real-life, with katanas, rapiers and broadswords actually having stats and functionality centered around the way they're used in real-life. Neal also wants the game to center around a control device such as the PS Move, where player movements dictate the way on-screen characters fight and behave. The concept really is long-overdue compared to the tech currently available and it would be a real shame if this project didn't meet its goal.

You can learn more about Clang or pledge support (if you have any spare cash laying around the house or between your couch cushions) by visiting the official Clang Kickstarter page.

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