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We have first-person shooter games galore. Weapon customization is pretty much standard in most military shooter sims. What we don't get often are sword fighting games, much less sword fighting games with various sword fighting styles. Well, thanks to Neal Stephenson and Subutai Corporation, sword fighting enthusiasts will finally get a game that caters to their long-desired need to cut, slash and hack things.

Subtai's upcoming game, Clang, has officially been crowd-funded on Kickstarter, just barely meeting its goals of $500,000. The project includes more than just making an intense arena-based sword fighting game, though. The project also includes APIs and SDKs to help other game developers make convincing sword-fighting games as well.

One of Stephenson's main arguments was that we just don't get enough proprietary fighting games or fighting game engines. In his words, using controllers with triggers to swing a sword is "stupid". That does have a slight ring of truth to it, to be honest.

Clang will not only feature a wide variety of sword types, stances and techniques to master, but the game will also support the ability to use motion-based control techniques, similar to the PlayStation Move (a wise choice). This enables gamers to play and engage in sword fighting unlike any other game before it.

I'm definitely looking forward to Clang. While I love Mount & Blade and the fighting is cool for what it is, it would still be nice to get a game closer to the likes of Bushido Blade but with a larger variety of weapons. Hopefully Clang fulfills that void.

You can learn more about Subutai Corporation's successfully crowd-funded project by paying a visit to the Official Clang Page.

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