The Classic Resident Evil Map That Will Be Featured In Umbrella Corps

Capcom revealed a brand new map for the upcoming third-person, multiplayer shooter, Umbrella Corps. The new map centers around the Antarctic base from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The map features a number of Easter Eggs from the series along with a special mode.

The news was made over on the Capcom Unity site where the information was rolled out along with the revelation that there are two new weapons added to Umbrella Corps. The first weapon is a modified version of the Brainer called the Talonhawk, it's an alternative melee weapon that players can take into battle with them against the walking dead. Another new weapon added to the mix is the Wolfsbane pistol that Steve Burnside used in Code: Veronica. They don't talk much about the functionality of the pistol, but they do mention that it's possible to customize the pistol and other weapons with a weapon painting option.

Part of the meat of the news resides in the map based around the Antarctic base from the older Resident Evil title that saw Chris Redfield and his sister Claire attempting to take down one of Umbrella's secret bases in the icy cold, snowy location. Given that the game is supposed to maintain canon, the map is centered around three levels of the facility that have been fractured, this includes battling on the heliport where the boss fight against Alexander Ashford took place. You can see the map in action with the brief teaser trailer below.

The trailer reveals some of the various ways of getting in and around the map, such as using the service ducts or the vertical platforms made available due to the facility's damage. We see a neat little segment where one player attempts to sneak up on an opposing player with a melee attack, only to have the attack countered and used against them. That kind of gameplay element could help Umbrella Corps stand out amongst the horde of other PvP-focused action games currently flooding the market.

Additionally, we learn that a new feature will be present in the SP DNA Hunter mode, where players will have to hunt down the special Mutated Zombies, and kill them in order to win the round. While that may sound easy, the challenge is that the Mutated Zombies are immune to the zombie jammer and any nearby zombie hanging around the Mutated Zombie will also become immune. This makes the matches in Umbrella Corps a lot more intense and very tactically oriented as players attempt to work together to fend themselves off from the zombie hordes while facing off against the heavy damage dealing Mutated Zombies.

The community reactions to the game haven't been entirely positive ever since its announcement, but some gamers have warmed up to Umbrella Corps after they found out that it's only going to be available for $29.99. You can look for the game to launch on the PC and PS4 starting June 21.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.