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Clover Studios To Disband Under Capcom

One of the best and most original developers from Japan, Clover Studios, has decided to fold up shop. Clover Studios is behind the Viewtiful Joe and Okami games, both of which were quirky and inventive; successful from both a critical and financial standpoint. Unfortunately it looks like they weren’t successful enough, or ran up massive development costs that Clover couldn’t hope to recover. The workers of Clover Studios apparently will still stay on under the Capcom umbrella.

There is also the possibility that Clover might be dissolved in order to leave Capcom and strike out on their own, creating their own new company. That would allow them to reap the entire fiscal benefits and creative control they might want, with no interference from Capcom. However, for now it’s just a rumor, and should not be taken as a fact. We’ll keep a close eye on developments here at CB Games.

With Clover out of business for now at least, it isn’t a good sign for the game industry. They were innovative and willing to take risks and without developers like that, the game market will stagnate. No one wants a billion Grand Theft Auto clones or more endless movie tie-ins.