Oxeye Game Studio is currently working alongside famed Minecraft development team, Mojang, on an upcoming side-scrolling, custom content-building title called Cobalt. The game mixes a little bit of Electrobody with Mega Man and Intrusion 2, to create an action-packed mish-mash of concepts into one fast-paced adventure.

The newest trailer previews alpha build 116, giving gamers a look at things such as the bullet time in action in both single and multiplayer modes, as well as the game's extremely detailed level creation toolset that shares a lot of similarities to the level creation toolset for Sierra's Hunter Hunted. Check it out below.

This game has a ton of potential, mostly because of the bullet time and the unique way it handles platforming. The really fast-paced, almost race-worthy snow stage looks pretty insane. If it's possible to recreate stages like that and share them with friends then that would be rad.

The game, as mentioned, is still early in alpha but if the concept has you head-over-heels for some indie Max Payne bullet dodging then you can head on over to the Official Website to sign up for the game's beta phase. Don't be surprised if this ends up on Steam's Greenlight page soon.

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