Relic Entertainment has released a developer diary for their upcoming RTS Company of Heroes 2. In the video, the development team talks about some of the technical improvements that this game will introduce.

Line of sight has always been an important mechanic in strategy games. CoH2 has a new feature called TrueSight that brings a new level of complexity to LOS. When determining what a given unit can see, the game factors in the weather conditions, smoke and nearby structures. This makes line of sight more realistic than usual and sets up additional opportunities for ambushes.

The cold weather of the Eastern Front plays a big role in gameplay. It can help or hurt an army's chances at victory. Deep snow can slow infantry's advance but can also be used as cover. Bodies of water that have frozen over can become new shortcuts, but explosions can crack the ice and sink these forces.

During the video, Relic also discussed vaulting. Soldiers behind waist-high cover can leap over it and directly charge enemies. It's a small change but, like the other improvements, it should make the battles more realistic.

Company of Heroes 2 will be released in 2013 on the PC. The beta will begin soon after New Year.

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