Relic Entertainment has released an interesting new trailer for Company of Heroes 2. Instead of appealing to real-time strategy fans, it seems targeted toward gamers who are less familiar with the genre.

"Before you play the next big FPS, take command and elevate your game above the battlefield," says the trailer.

CoH2 focuses on the Eastern Front of World War 2, beginning with Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union. The story will be told from the perspective of Lev Abramovich Isakovich, a Soviet Army lieutenant. He's retelling the events of the war during a prison interrogation.

The game sports an updated version of the Essence engine that powered the first Company of Heroes. Essence 3.0 offers crisper visuals in addition to new weather effects and destructible environments. The new TrueSight feature allows for more accurate line-of-sight in battle.

None of the facts in the previous two paragraphs are in the trailer because, well, people who don't care about real-time strategy games probably don't care about improved line-of-sight. However, maybe the footage of tanks blowing up will strike a chord. I mean, who can resist the sight of a Panzer burning?

CoH2 will hit the PC next month. You can find pre-order details at the official website.

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