It's been a long time in the making but Minh "Gooseman" Le co-creator of Counter-Strike, has returned to the FPS scene with Tactical Intervention, a team-based, tactical FPS title that also happens to be free-to-play.

OGPlanet has picked up the publishing rights for the game, and you may recognize them for stuff like La Tale and the very fun and highly under-rated Lost Saga. Tactical Intervention will sport all the latest and greatest in graphical effects as well as gameplay innovations in the team-based, competitive online FPS genre.

"Gooseman" Le, lead developer on Tactical Intervention, stated that...
"I'm excited to share my latest project with my fellow gamers," ... "As my latest tactical team-based shooter, Tactical Intervention builds off of what I tried to accomplish with Counter-Strike. I think players will be excited about the innovations we've implemented in the game, especially the vehicle missions and new team focus."

"Partnering with OGPlanet has allowed us to release Tactical Intervention as a Free-to-Play title, ensuring that the game is accessible to all players. We've got a lot of great content ready for launch, and there will be regular updates with new guns, maps, and more."

Vehicle missions sound promising and from the looks of it they may just rival G1's APB: Reloaded. The game has been in development for quite a few years and Le and crew were holding closed alpha sessions two years ago back when the game was originally announced. The good part is that the delay has given them time to polish the game up and hone in on the problem areas to provide gamers with a pitch-perfect playing experience. The real question is whether Tactical Intervention will have a place amongst all the other free-to-play shooters currently flooding the market.

Gamers interested in participating in the upcoming closed beta, which is scheduled to take place this March, can do so by visiting the Official Website and signing up for a chance to play the game.

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