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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Crazy Bird-Surfing Exploit Has Been Removed

A glitch that has been taking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by storm has been fixed. After receiving some complaints about a bird exploit in the de_train bombsite map, Valve hopped to it and fixed the exploit.

PC Gamer is reporting that the Terrorist spawn on the long route from point 'A' in the de_train map had some extra map benefits in the form of flying pigeons. It's not just that the pigeons are there in the stage, it's that the pigeons offer some hidden benefits to those on the Terrorist side.

You see, players are able to hitch a ride on the pigeons because they're actual solid entities. I'm not really sure how that happened because most background objects have a default state of lacking solid boundaries. It's hard for me to imagine that the map designers didn't have some kind of knowledge of this, especially given that programming or plotting their active path required constant interaction with their object status and whether or not they would be solid, killable, static, etc. Anyway, you can see how players made use of the birds with the clip below.

According to PC Gamer, Valve modified the map and tossed in a textured sign letting players know not to ride the birds to the high heavens.

Now this probably seemed like the sort of thing that would be done just for the “lulz” and giggles. However, some players found out that the ride-worthy birds provided more than just laughs and giggles. In fact, a few enterprising Counter-Strike players managed to take the whole bird-surfing to a new level... almost literally.

In the video below you can see where some Terrorists used the bird-surf bug to get high up on the stage and proceed to snipe from outside the dome. Brilliant.

The bug was pretty useful for getting easy kills without being spotted, but Valve wanted to put an end to that ASAP. I mean, could you imagine what that would have done in the tournament scene? It's not like the tournament scene doesn't have their own cheating problems to deal with.

With the game being patched and the sign up to warn players not to step on birds, this should make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive more digestible for the average player and a bit more boring for those who like to take exploits to new levels.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person competitive shooter. The game is available digitally via Steam and for home consoles. Players will compete in team-based modes such as demolition, deathmatch, arms race and hostage rescue, across multiple maps. For those who aren't adept in online, competitive multiplayer, there is also the option of playing offline against computer-controlled bots.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.