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There aren't a lot of convenient game creation toolsets or toolkits out there that just anyone can pick up and use. There are a few out there that do it right but despite the popularity of gaming, game creation for the masses hasn't been entirely easy, until now.

Incuvo is about ready to release their newest app for iOS-powered devices and it brings touch-screen creativity and game creation to life with a sharp and colorful edge. The video above does a superb job of rolling out some impressive features for the new app, which allows for simple Angry Birds types apps, where you lob objects across the screen to crash into other objects.

If you're more inclined to make something slightly more traditional, you can stick to making side-scrolling platformers, and even choose the character of your preference to lead the way. It's a neat design mechanic and I was thoroughly impressed with how well it works. The jumping and scrolling are as smooth as butter and that accounts for a lot when making platform games.

In addition to Angry Bird types and Super Mario Bros types, we also get hints at something a little newer and different. A mix of the the two. We see some stages featuring characters flying across the screen and crashing into objects while in other segments they're blasting over a platform that requires some moderate puzzle solving. Not only allowing players to create their game but also include a bit of diversity to the way its played is a huge step in the right direction. There are also shades of Arcade County in there, which is nothing but a good thing for those of you fond of 16-bit style platformers.

Another thing that isn't quite explored in the trailer but is hinted at is another popular type of mobile game. Perhaps, an endless runner? Depending on how long stages can be made would determine whether or not it would be possible to craft a side-scrolling endless runner in Createrria. I suppose we'll find out whenever the developers let loose some additional information.

Some of the features of the software application includes an easy-to-use toolset with no UI or UX. There is no technical scripting involved, so this is actually a step-up in ease-of-use over both Klick 'N Play and Game Maker Studio. You also don't have to worry about parameter modifications or condition settings, so no UI-based if/else statements to deal with or LUA control panels (ala Garry's Mod).

You can also share your creations with friends and family quite easily using the built-in share functions for attaching your account to social applications like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter... if you're into that kind of stuff.

The game is set to appear on the iTunes app store later this month or in early September. You can learn very little of anything else about the app by paying a visit to the official Incuvo website.

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