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New reports are indicating that phone maker Nokia is possibly getting into the virtual reality game. In what capacity? The details are sketchy, but the company is expected to make a major announcement about their endeavors soon.

VG247 picked up the news from a Re/code report where they state that a VIP event in Los Angeles, California will play host to a major announcement from Nokia regarding virtual reality endeavors.

The details are paper thin, but the idea is that the will get into the VR unit production game, possibly making a headset of their own. According to the Re/code article Nokia's CEO Rajeev Suri was quoted as saying they would explore “immersive imaging”.

Technically, this could mean that they're going with some sort of middleware suite to help with VR development and design, but that seems kind of unlikely given that a lot of companies already have a lot of VR software options available and companies like Oculus and Valve have already rolled out a lot of software development kits to help with the ease of transitioning the use of hardware into software interaction.

Re/code points out the company's past history of dealing with mobile devices before being bought out by Microsoft. It's not hard to make the leap that coming from their previous hardware pedigree they would opt to stick with hardware. This could likely lead to them creating announcing that they have a virtual reality headset in the works. It would also make a heck of a lot of sense given that a lot of games and products are being designed with VR in mind even though the physical devices aren't widely available on the consumer market yet.

Right now there's a lot of talk and a lot of media buzz around the current crop of development kits from Kickstarted projects like the Oculus Rift or Valve's upcoming device made in collaboration with HTC called the Vive.

Some games are already available for use with VR devices and we've seen demonstrations of games like Grand Theft Auto V and Portal being played on the Rift devkits.

Sony is also looking to get into the virtual reality game with their Morpheus for the PS4. They've been quite coy in laying down any solid dates for the device but it helps feed buzz back into the whole VR renaissance taking place at the moment.

Facebook's investment into the Rift has also raised confidence for the potential of VR this time around given that when VR tried making headway in years' past it didn't turn out so great, the Nintendo Virtual Boy being one of the victims of the failed attempts to get VR off the ground.

During this current generation of gaming, PC stands at the forefront of virtual reality immersion, but not just for gaming. While games are spearheading a lot of the design and innovation in VR tech, many suspect that companies like Facebook – and by proxy, Nokia – will look to use the VR devices for other consumer related productivity beyond just video games. I guess we'll find out just what Nokia has in mind when they make their major announcement in Los Angeles.