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All right folks, what do you get when you combine multiple weapons, team tactics, intense first-person action and an addictive multiplayer environment? You get a Counter Strike killer called Cross Fire. North American publisher, G4BOX, has already started closed-beta testing the next big thing in online FPS action, as they ready for the game’s official launch later this year.

“With its addictive pick up and play game play, simple learning curve, and high intensity fire-fights, Cross Fire has the appeal to captivate the first-person shooter community throughout North America and the United Kingdom,” said Howard He, CEO and Co-founder of G4BOX. “Players have read about its success in Korea and China, have seen the awesome screens and trailers, and now finally they get a chance to check it out for themselves!”

Counter Strike, you were a fun, addictive game, back in 1999. The times have changed and there’s a new kid on the block. I’m going to go ahead and say it...Counter Strike, you just got pwned by Cross Fire.

If you’re baffled as to why these claims of Cross Fire being good have emerged, just take into account that this military, on-line multiplayer game for PC pits players versus players in a whole new take on team combat. It’s the Black List terrorist taking on the Global Risk mercenaries. Teams must complete objectives in four kick-butt modes, including: Team Death Match, Team Match, Annihilation Match and the all-new Ghost Match. As it is with any new on-line game in today’s generation of virtual gaming, Cross Fire rewards players with points based on their performance. Said points can be exchanged for a hefty assortment of upgrades and items.

While the closed-beta is currently underway for the next month, players who wish to participate can do so by visiting the Official Cross Fire Website, and getting all the necessary details on how to earn a closed-beta key.

Cross Fire will be free-to-play when it launches later this year. So for release info, etc., be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and updates.