A new hardware comparison was made for Crysis 2 after it received the long awaited DirectX 11 patch. The comparison was to test the over-clocking abilities of ATI’s HD 6990 and Zotac’s Nividia GTX 590. So who was the winner?

Well, the long-time war between ATI and Nvidia has waged for many years and usually Nvidia comes out on top. Over at Overclock3D they ran some comparison benchmarking tests to see which card could hit the 100frames-per-second mark and which card bottomed out with the lowest frames-per-second.

To no one’s surprise, after some extensive testing with all the new high-end Bokeh depth-of-field, tessellation and parallax occlusion, the clear winner happened to be the Zotac GTX 590.

Even on a high-end system with some of the top-of-line hardware powering both cards, ATI still fell off the mark during the DX11 testing. The card performed well during the DX9 tests and held its own quite well with high framerates, but ATI has never done well to manage high-end DX11 rendering and the poor 6990 fell short like many of ATI’s cards when it comes to DirectX 11 support. Maybe next time ATI.

You can check out the complete rundown of the tests along with some high-res screenshots of Crysis 2 over at Overclock3D. If you’re a high-end gaming junkie and this rekindled your faith in PC gaming then feel free to check out Crysis 2 and its DirectX 11 features over at the Official Website.

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