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Creative control takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to proprietary game design tools. The term can now be used to describe how gamers, artists and freelancer designers can make use of properties usually restricted to big budget studios. With that said, Crytek showcased a new video for their Cinebox, which is basically the same thing as Valve's Source Filmmaker, putting creative control right into the hands of gamers.

Crytek released a behind-the-scenes video to showcase the ease-of-use for their Cinebox toolset, revealing that the middleware program is just as functional (if not more-so) than Valve's own Source Filmmaker. DSO Gaming spotted the new video, which details some of the neat things users can do and manipulate all entirely done in-engine. It's very cool.

The design looks awfully similar to the SFM, but that's definitely going to be a good thing for people who get their hands on it.

Right now, the Source Filmmaker is responsible for a ton of cool, funny, interesting, hilarious, terri-bad and atrocious videos. Gamers, artists, developers and enthusiasts alike are having a field day with the SFM, and now is definitely a perfect time for Crytek to jump in on the action and get the ball rolling.

The CryEngine SDK is currently available to the public but the Cinebox is looking for beta participants. Before Crytek rolls this thing out completely they want to test all the ins and outs and they're looking for a few “good people”. You can apply for the beta right now by heading on over to the Official Crytek Website.

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