Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios' upcoming point-and-click cyberpunk adventure game, Primordia, is gearing up for its early December release. Wadjet Eye recently announced that the game is currently available for pre-order right now, as the team works hard to get greenlit for a Steam release.

If you haven't seen Primordia in action or you're looking forward to seeing what the game is like, feel free to get a brief glimpse at the gameplay in the launch trailer below.

Getting in some play time with the game made it obvious that Wormwood is serious about their adventure titles and they really know and understand how to craft classic, thought-provoking, memorable games.

If you were a fan of Gemini Rue you'll definitely get a kick out Primordia, which sees Horatio Nullbuilt on a quest to recover a stolen power source and discover why he and his sidekick Crispin were violently attacked by another android.

If you'd like to see Primordia make the cut and get a release on Steam feel free to visit the official Steam Greenlight page and give the game an upvote (or two). You can look for Primordia to launch on the first week of December and if you're really geeked for the game, you can pre-order over at the Official Website.

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