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Dark Knights Online, more commonly known as DK Online, has finally reached closed beta testing. Luckily for adventure MMORPG fans who want to check out the game nice and early, “closed” simply means the game is currently limited to those people who are willing to register an account and download the game’s free client.

DK Online is the latest offering from Aeria Games, a free-to-play fantasy MMO set in the medieval world of Litos. Long ago, a massive dragon by the name of Kharvag royally messed up the lands of Litos before being defeated by a brave order of Dragon Knights. As tends to be the case in these sorts of games, Kharvag has escaped from his not-so-eternal prison, and now the players are being called on to reestablish the order of Dragon Knights in order to once again defeat Kharvag and his countless evil minions.

Four classes are currently offered in DK Online, including the warrior, paladin, sorceress and shadowmage. As you might expect, each class comes with its own special abilities and play style and, in a game that emphasizes teamwork, players will be best served by becoming very familiar with their class of choice. Nobody likes being dead weight on the battlefield, after all.

DK Online offers all of the usual MMO trappings with the added bonus of a hefty PvP component for battles on a massive scale. Aeria decided to celebrate the launch of the beta by showing off one of the multiplayer modes, Castle Siege, in a new trailer.

Aeria is promising an “avalanche of special events” throughout the beta, including daily events and special battle events. To try out DK Online for yourself, register and download the client and the game’s official website.