Bandai Namco recently published a new changelog for an upcoming Dark Souls 2 patch. The update addresses a durability bug that's tied to the game's framerate.

Over on Bandai Namco's Tumblr page, the developer detailed a list of fixes and changes that From Software has coming down the pipeline for Dark Souls 2.

One of the major fixes is for an interesting bug that causes weapon durability to rapidly decrease when attacking enemy corpses or friendly characters. The decrease happens at an even faster rate when the game's running at 60fps.

It's odd that a timing bug like this would pop now, but there are a lot of ways for a game to break. It reminds me of the physics going wonky in Need for Speed when modders manually boosted the game above the 30fps cap, which was put in place because of the seventh gen consoles.

The patch also addresses an input registry bug that's affecting all major platforms, along with a multiplayer issue that causes the game to hang while matching up in the online mode.

One bug that's kind of weird is an Xbox One-specific issue that crashes the game when a player attempts to pause during a multiplayer match. There was also a freezing issue where the game would hang when players repeatedly attempted to go back and forth between different maps.

It still amazes me that consoles require this level of tender love and developmental care. I know some gamers are pretty happy that developers can fix games after the launch, something that couldn't be done during the 16-bit through 64-bit eras. But in those days, developers ensured that the games were made correctly before they landed on store shelves. These days, there's a rush to get to the market and a “fix it later” (Assassin's Creed Unity is a prime example).

I do worry about what happens when someone, a few years down the line, decides to buy a game that's no longer supported by the publisher. What happens when they install it on a console and find out that the disc version doesn't have the latest patches? Do these gamers just have to settle for a broken-out-of-the-box game?

I suppose, for now, most gamers are just pleased that today's titles are being regularly updated.

Bandai Namco Games hasn't put an official time stamp on when the patch will become available for Dark Souls 2, but they expect it to be within the next few weeks.
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