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Joymax may have trouble keeping their games updated, but it appears another version of the popular horror-MMORPG will be receiving a fairly big update and it could be the very thing to propel the game back into the spotlight of popularity.

Just recently Joymax announced that they were updating SilkRoad Online. It’s probably their only game that isn’t riddled with unwelcoming hackers, despite its unfortunate plague of bots (i.e., player created characters used to grind all day with a program.) Their other two North American published games, Deco Online and DarkEden Online, have been overwhelmed with cheaters, hackers and account thievery. It has resulted in an unfortunate decline in player usage for the fore-mentioned games.

Nevertheless, another version of SoftOn’s vampire-hunting MMORPG, called DarkEden Extreme, is quickly becoming renown for cracking down on hackers and offering updates for global players. It was recently announced that an updated version of the game is coming tomorrow and it will feature new versions of maps, character skins, as well as updated fixes to the overall gameplay.

You can learn more about DarkEden Extreme and the new update by visiting the Official Website. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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