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Speaking about his upcoming game Marvel Heroes Online, former Blizzard golden boy, David Brevik, spoke openly, honestly and earnestly about the shape of the MMO business. He condemns how some companies have tainted “free-to-play” and how MMO is usually associated with being bad knockoffs of World of Warcraft.

It may seem like Brevik is just ragging on the competition, but everything he says is truth. I dread MMO announcements and I've just about given up on them all. Originality and distinction have kind of disappeared and the few that almost gave me hope still turned out to be clones, albeit with a touch of originality. Brevik is hoping that burned-out MMO-ers like myself will find Marvel Heroes Online a breath of fresh air and a step away from the nickel-and-diming that publishers like EA have turned into a digital flesh feast.

In a report by, Brevik states that...
"Everybody is saying 'we're free to play' but they aren't, it's a small percentage of the game or something like that. From the consumer standpoint it's hard to understand what is free-to-play and what isn't, it feels like a buzz word at this point and it's hard to tell.”

“MMO doesn't mean 'WoW clone'," ... "It's a method for a lot of people to play a game together, thousands at a time. Using that as a base to build on and combining that with Diablo is the direction we're taking."

"Social gaming is another method of free-to-play and it's very in-your-face," ... "You just get started and then you have to wait an amount of time before you get turns again or you can pay $1 and make it happen now. That's not our strategy at all, we're going very, very differently.”

Brevik basically talks about Marvel Heroes Online being built from the ground up as a free-to-play title and not something that goes into transition to freemium because it might have tanked as a subscription-based MMO.

The granddaddy of ARPGs is also adamant about gamers having fun and engaging in replayability with MHO. He wants to try to hit that sweet spot again that Diablo II captured, which kept players engaged all the way up until this very day.

With a closed-MMO structure it's going to be difficult to maintain that level of replayability for Marvel Heroes Online. However, Brevik and many others from Gazillion state that the game is the true spiritual successor to Diablo II, so perhaps maybe we can expect a game like Diablo II with all the bells and whistles of today's technological age, as well as enhancements to the gameplay thanks to the Unreal Engine 3.

Marvel Heroes Online is still taking beta applicants and if you want to give the game a try yourself, you can do so by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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