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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone in the industry was going to get cocked and ready to yell “BS!” at the Battlefield 3 hype-train and who better to do so than gaming’s resident voice of reason, David Jaffe? The man had some rip-roaring statements for gamers, DICE and journalists.

Gaming Irresponsibly posted up the long-winded rant by Jaffe. And to be completely fair, the rant isn’t just fanboy drivel or an angry dev jealous about another game getting over-hyped (okay, well maybe it is a little bit) but the rant covers some of the hypocritical stances gamers and journalists are taking in regards to Battlefield 3’s hype.

Jaffe states that…
until BF3 shows more of its gameplay, that everyone saying BF3 was AMAZING and was [E3] GAME OF THE SHOW was both damaging and juvenile and- on the part of journalists who said such things- damaging. My point was not negative- as you accuse me of being- but more passionate about the idea that IF the game medium really is capable of expressing amazing thoughts and ideas (or even just amazingly fresh entertainment) then we need to push those who make the games (including myself) to deliver on the gameplay front as well as the graphic front.

He really does have a point here. However, the main focus of Battlefield 3’s hype is based mostly on the stagnating repetition of Activision’s Call of Duty series, which really sets the tone for other publishers and developers to abandon innovation for the sake of finding a brand that can become a milkable cash cow.

At the same time, however, gamers with an ounce of intelligence have also been wary of Electronic Arts (not DICE) for pushing Battlefield and/or Medal of Honor into the same kind of brand-milking that Call of Duty has become. And take note, we are very wary.

There are some over-zealous journalists and gamers out there who may be calling Battlefield 3 game of the year and whatnot, but I think most gamers are holding out on final judgment until they play the game for themselves.

Besides, anyone who follows gaming regularly already knows that most people are aiming to give Deus Ex: Human Revolution the Game of the Year Award, mostly due to the fact that everything about video game evolution and strong storytelling seems to reside in Eidos Montreal’s upcoming cyber-noir title.

Battlefield 3 on the other hand is a game that works as a driving force to usher in the new generation of gaming with the Frostbite 2.0 and a lot of gamers are eager to see how the photo-realistic graphics affect the gameplay in both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

Jaffe, however, surely wasn’t impressed with Battlefield 3 and what was on display at this year’s E3, stating that…
if you are a gamer or journalist who said BF3 was an amazing GAME and should get GAME OF THE SHOW while at the same time you like to play the ‘games can be art/games are important’ card- well that just means you are either full of shit or not very bright. NOTE: SOME games can be art while other games can be pure fun entertainment, by the way. There CAN and they SHOULD be a mix (and some games- most games?-should strive to be both!!!)…

Well, I think Battlefield 3 is taking a different route with the “games can be art” format by giving gamers an impression of realistic warfare on the virtual front…or as close to it as you can get without getting a piece of shrapnel lodged up your butt. I also think Jaffe kind of missed the point of Battlefield's E3 demo with the tanks because DICE basically showed the complete opposite of what Activision showcased for Modern Warfare 3 at E3. The point was to show gamers that it's not all about action set pieces that burst your thumbs with quick-time events, there's some weighty vehicle combat in Battlefield 3 and a lot of realistic mechanics that go along with it.

You can check out the entire rant over at Gaming Irresponsibly or visit the Official Battlefield 3 Website to pre-order the game.
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