Dawn Of Fantasy Gameplay Details And War Tactics Revealed

Curious about how you play the upcoming MMORTS from 505 Games, Dawn of Fantasy? Well, a brief walkthrough of the war tactics and gameplay details have been revealed in a new press release. The game modes, the way players attack and how they defend are all explained…in great detail.

Basically, there are two main approaches to the game that includes a single-player mode where players will foster resources and military might, and then a world multiplayer mode where players will take their armies and travel across the land to do battle.

As stated in the press release…

These armies can be tasked to either defend their own town or to raze other strongholds on the World Map, a strategic overview of the world. Upon reaching a player or NPC town on the strategy map, armies are given the opportunity to declare war and engage in all-out combat, switching to a tactical view for battles.

There are also additional modes such as “Lay Siege”, which sees players attacking enemy strongholds in either a practice mode or in a persistent online multiplayer arena. And yet another mode in the game includes “Defend Castle”, which is basically a survival mode that pits players against wave after wave of attackers.

Whether you’re online or not, the kingdom you establish in Mythador is ever persistent and will grow and expand or fall and waver based on how you setup your kingdom’s economy. It’s definitely a fascinating sounding MMO which seems to take a sort of Mortal Online approach to the persistent world genre.

You can learn more about the game over at the Official Website or check out some of the key features below.

Key Features

• Complete dozens of story-driven quests in services of kings, wizards, and fellow adventurers.

• Interact with thousands of other players through trading, forging alliances, and waging war in both Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment battles.

• Build up your villages into towns and then mighty empires, cast magic upon your enemies with dozens of unique spells, and lay siege to your enemies with great trebuchets.

• Use the brute strength of the walking woods, ogres, and dragon mercenaries to reign supreme.

• Play as three different races - elves, men, and orcs - each of which offers a radically different play style and has been given a deep, compelling mythology, a dramatic historical background, and a spectrum of complex political ambitions that drive the story and gameplay

• “Lay Siege” mode allows players to practice taking opponent’s castles, while "Defend Castle" is the opposite.

• “Kingdom Wars” mode allows players to experience a single-player campaign.

• “Online Kingdoms” is the main, massively multiplayer, version of the game that follows the plot

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.