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Reverie World Studios has announced that, after building up its MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy, it’s ready to burn the whole thing to the ground. Starting tomorrow, Nov. 13, the “End of the World” expansion will introduce dragons to the fray and, as can be expected of the giant, fire-breathing creatures, they’re here to destroy absolutely every square inch of the world.

According to Reverie, the end of the world won’t be tied to aliens, ancient gods or any of that silly mumbo-jumbo. Instead, the destruction of the planet will be at the clawed hands of dragonkind. In the upcoming free expansion, the “End of the World” will give players a chance to take on some of the biggest, baddest monsters to ever grace the army-based strategy combat game.

“The new expansion event invites players to fight for survival as the game world burns around them,” according to a Reverie press release. “Working alone or in co-op mode, players will have to overcome the greatest foe imaginable. All major towns of the realm now lie in ruins and only by working together will the players be able to reclaim the realm and avert the end of the world.”

So, the entire world ofDawn of Fantasy has been taken over by dragons, meaning that pretty much every familiar location in the game is now torn down or burning to ash. With no trade or diplomacy available, players must rally their own army or join with their fellow players in order to oust the dragon threat.

To make the fight a little more even, a Dragon Slayer Order has been added to the game. Each player will receive a Dragon Slayer elite hero unit free of charge. Additional slayers can, of course, be purchased from the in-game store.

Even cooler is the fact that dragons can attack at any moment. Whether you’re running around doing quests or in the middle of a PvP match-up, there’s no telling when the fiery fiends might drop in to provide and even bigger challenge.

For more details or to pick up the game before The End of the World, head on over to the Dawn of Fantasy official website.