DayZ Complete Newbie Tutorial Walkthrough Video

One of the things about DayZ that gets a lot of people is how overwhelmingly simple the concept is, which is to survive, and yet how complicated the actual gameplay can be. A new tutorial walkthrough video has surfaced thanks to MMO Central who walks players through every single one of the basic steps necessary for surviving in the world of DayZ.

The video is extremely useful even if you're not a DayZ newb. The walkthrough gives players some amazing tips and hints on surviving the basics of the game and avoiding running for miles and miles and miles from the zombies (yes, there is an easy way to avoid running marathons in the game).

You can check out the lengthy walkthrough below, which is definitely worth watching.

I honestly did not know about diving behind bushes to lose the attention of the zombies. Did you all know that? Well, I didn't. I thought that was a nifty bit of info and certainly useful for newbies finding it difficult to survive in the harsh, harsh world of DayZ.

While the tutorial video above is great for new players and gives a brief idea of what to expect from the game, there is still a ton more you'll probably need to know before jumping into the game world. You can learn more about DayZ, which is nearing 900,000 unique users by visiting the Official DayZ Website. To check out more video tutorials for all things MMO, be sure to head on over to MMO Central.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.