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It's no where near as good as the Call of Duty versus Battlefield rap battle, but the video showdown between the hero and bandit from Bohemia Interactive's DayZ is pretty darn cool.

Available for viewing on JackFrags, a popular video game YouTube channel, the rap breaks down the pros and cons of being a hero and a bandit. It's very much evenly matched throughout, but unlike the CoD vs Battlefield throwdown, there's no real clear winner because DayZ requires both the asshollery of bandits and the douchiness of self-righteous heroes. Both sides of the coin help maintain a tense and uneasy balance in the game world that keeps things exciting and unpredictable.

But rhyme-wise, the bandit definitely won. Dropping the Game of Thrones reference to the Lannisters was just all kinds of epic win.

I still think the Battlefield/Call of Duty bout was a lot better and for those of you who have yet to see it, you can check it out in the video below.

Talk about hitting all the talking points and then some.

The video really outlines the difference between both franchises, too. Battlefield 4 obviously caters toward a much bigger, more immersive play experience. It's true that many of the scripted sequences in Call of Duty don't hold a candle to Battlefield 4's simulated physics capabilities thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine.

Also, I love all the digs at the next-gen fish A.I., and Rambo Lassie.

Of course, battling about the semantics of heroics and villainy in Early Access games or talking about whether you enjoy playing with swear-word touting pubescent tweens shouting louder over the headset than a squealing little girl at a Justin Bieber concert, is all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

The real battle is between the consoles... the PS4 and the Xbox One. As surmised in this little (mostly pro-Xbox) rap battle below, courtesy of Video Game Songs.

I would say that that video really did favor the Xbox One way too much. Too much to be true or right. They forgot to mention about the Xbox One's flaccid resolution, they forgot to mention about Kinect's shoddy voice controls, and they also forgot to mention that the NSA enjoys spying on people having sex, like some kind of agency of amateur voyeurism.

Anyway, all the videos are highly entertaining and it's a nice break from all that console war talk... wouldn't you agree?

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