Exciting news here folks, Dean “Rocket” Hall and one of the fellow developers jumped into a playable build of the standalone version of DayZ showing off some really fun looking mechanics. The team is working hard on stuff like dynamic loot spawns, player customization and overhauling the way items are stored.

One of the things I thought was impressive was how average clothing has item slots for storage. So a pair of jeans might grant you a few item slots to store stuff, or a sweat shirt might allow you put things in the pockets. It's a really cool, very dynamic, very intuitive feature that should really help with the way players choose to both customize and utilize the clothing system in DayZ.

The dynamic loot spawning is also impeccable stuff. It reminds me a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., with how you really have to dig deep and look around for stuff in odd or hard-to-reach places. I'm not going to go through and type out everything they discuss in the video...you can watch for yourself and see what progress they're making.

Good stuff.

I especially like the whole idea of rummaging through broken down vehicles and seemingly empty buildings because there might be something special hidden in a cupboard or on a shelf...or inside that bloody piano. Really, though, what kind of fool decided to stop and play some music while the zombie apocalypse was taking place?

As DayZ draws closer to release I'm definitely getting more and more excited about the possibilities of the game and look forward to seeing more. I really hope they also iron out the melee combat, as I'd love to see a really solid melee system in place.

You can keep track of the progress of DayZ by following the team over on their Official Twitter or by visiting the official website.

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