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Update: You don't need an alpha key anymore. You can now buy DayZ standalone through Steam.

Original article: Dean “Rocket” Hall is issuing test keys for DayZ in a limited capacity. By limited capacity, I mean that the game is only receiving 30 keys that are being handed out to select members of the public. Unfortunate, yes, but there's still hope. Hall has already said that they will be ramping up testing as the game nears more stable builds.

Last week we notified gamers that DayZ would be moving into limited testing featuring moderate access given to gamers for playtime with the standalone version of the game. Today, Raidwarning picked up the tweet from “Rocket” who let the news loose on his Twitter account saying that the game was in a stable enough build to afford for some early testing.

The standalone of DayZ focuses on gamers customizing their character, surviving in a wasteland and aiming to either make friends or enemies based on the company they keep. It's like a social simulator for the zombie apocalypse.

The game originally started as a very popular mod for Arma II and Bohemia Interactive saw an opportunity with Dean “Rocket” Hall in the lead to take it to new heights. You can learn more about the progress of the game by visiting the Official Tumblr Page.