Barely a month removed from release and Bohemia Interactive's rockstar developer, Dean “Rocket” Hall, has taken to Twitter to celebrate and extol the platform that everyone said was dying... the Glorious PC. What was there to praise? I don't know, maybe a little something-something along the lines of moving more than a million copies of DayZ in just a month's time.

Rely on Horror caught the tweet from Dean “Rocket” Hall's official Twitter account, where the now legendary developer had the following to say...

What was that about PC gaming is dying, Cliffy B?

The thing that makes this look absolutely embarrassing for big publishers is that they're struggling these days to shift a million copies for a game in a single month across multiple platforms. Forget a single platform moving a million units. Yet here it is we have DayZ, in its alpha state – with plenty of warnings and barricades setup to deter people away from the alpha because it's all glitchy and stuff – and the game manages to move a million copies. Insane.

If you think this is some odd anomaly that happened under the gaze of a drunk blue moon that had one too many Labatt Blue beers, think again. DayZ is following behind Chucklefish's Starbound, which also managed to move a million copies. A little further down the line we also have Rust, from creator Gary Newman, which managed to move 150,000 copies in two weeks, and also set to close in on the million game march achievement.

What we're seeing here is a shift in the market paradigm. What we're seeing is gamers standing up and speaking with their wallets. Crappy blockbuster titles made to mirror Hollywood are no longer the norm; they're no longer selling like the hot tamales that they used to be. Yes, there are the occasional winners like Tomb Raider, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, but if you aren't a big name anymore the flash and panache of set pieces and semi-brand name voice actors just won't do the trick.

DayZ will probably truck on toward the two-million mark before spring and I would imagine a possible five-million goal by the end of the year if they can keep the momentum and social media frenzy in tow. Also, it's hard for some people to pass up joining in on the game after seeing videos like the Yellow Jacket Deathmatch or a gentleman bandit doing what gentlemen do best.

The game isn't scheduled to make it to the beta phase until later in the year. Interestingly, the popularity of Early Access games has caused quite a stir in the pundit circles, as some gamers and game personalities feel it's a bad stepping stone for the industry. I'll reserve thoughts about that for another time. Meanwhile, feel free to celebrate the million-copy milestone by paying a kind compliment to “Rocket”s Twitter account.
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