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Two videos are making the rounds for the recently released DayZ standalone. The videos depict the harsh realities of trying to survive in the unforgiving realm of a post-zombie apocalypse Chernarus. In one video we see how a robber uses niceties to get what he wants. In the second video we see how the robbers use deplorable tactics to get what they want and it ends in a way you don't expect.

The first video was spotted by Kotaku who picked it up off of /r/gaming on Reddit. It's entitled The Gentleman Bandit. There's a reason for that particular name and it's a befitting one.

The robber uses proper procedure for subduing and pilfering his target. He gently rustles the Jimmies of his victim by making him go through the humiliating process of standing in a corner with the hands up over his head and his equipment laid out on the ground. The robber explains what he's going to do and why; he takes only what needs and then leaves his victim. The experience was so fulfilling for the victim that he calmly asks... “Can I come with you?”

That's the kind of Stockholm syndrome that publishers wish they could get out of their fanbase whenever they introduce DRM.

The second video below is a lot more mean spirited. I should warn you, there is some deep rooted douche-nozzlery in the video that may make some of you uncomfortable, or inclined to perform one of, but not limited to, the following actions: Punch the screen in hopes of hitting the robber. Rage at the video creator. Down-vote the video into oblivion. Toss indiscernible criticisms at the bandits laced with equally objectionable obscenities. Log into DayZ, hunt the bandits down, kill them with an axe and then teabag the bodies while filming it.

Oh, that was some righteous justice at the end.

The feedback from the video has been quite vitriolic, however. As a lot of people were compelled to do some of what was listed above the video and the uploader, DMiTplays, issued the following response to all the criticism...
“Holy shit... All I did was upload this - it's an Alpha and we were messing around. I have supported DayZ since November 2012 and played it almost every day since. I love being friendly and I also love being a bandit. It's a sandbox game - we thought we would try something out for pure fun... The amount of role playing butthurt is incredible.

“I didn't mean to offend anyone with the video - it was just pure fun...”

We forgive you DMiTplays... well, all of us who don't live, eat and breathe DayZ. I'm sure you'll need to forever watch your back for bandit hunters from now on. Good luck, and may you survive well in the DayZ “alpher”.

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