It looks like everyone's most hated trolls within the gaming community are coming back to do what they do best, this time targeting the newly named Daybreak Games, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment.

Over on NeoGaf they spotted tweets and a video explaining that more DDoS attacks have been leveled against Daybreak Games. That's the new name for the studio behind big online hits such as DC Universe Online, Everquest and the recent Planetside 2, as well as the upcoming H1Z1.

The video explains that the studio formerly known as SOE has come under fire from attacks from the online terror group. The video comes courtesy of 7421 Max.

To add further insult to injury, a tweet was actually sent out toward the president of Daybreak Games, John Smedley. Gamers were quite furious when they found out that H1Z1 was down and out for the count while they were trying to login and play the game.

Here is the tweet that Smedley was sent.

If you recall, the last time the group had a run-in with Sony Online Entertainment, the FBI had to get involved when bomb threats were sent to the plane that was carrying John Smedley. It was a very blatant attempt to troll with that tweet reminding Smedley about what transpired back during August of 2014.

NeoGaf user prwxv3 hits the nail on the head, saying...

Couldn't agree more. Why target Daybreak Games? They're not even under Sony anymore. If the idea was to launch DDoS attacks against Sony for whatever perceived evil they've done, it makes even less sense now to go after a studio that's now completely unaffiliated and unrelated to the company.

At this point I imagine the trolling is being done for the “lulz” instead of to actually make a point of some sort.

The terror launched from these groups against the gaming community really picked up from back in August, 2014. Since then we've had a really steady stream of terrorist threats against Xbox Live and PSN, putting players on orange-level lockdown whenever threats would be sent out. At any time someone could be enjoying Call of Duty or Destiny and then find their game closed down and shut offline as the servers kneel before the weight of a DDoS attack.

These attacks continued throughout the fall and into into winter. Even worse yet was that the DDoS attacks against PlayStation and Xbox gamers crippled the servers right during Christmas break, causing plenty of gamers to wallow in unrequited love against the group responsible for bringing down the servers, no matter what the cause or intentions were.

At this junction, most gamers just would prefer if the attacks against the online servers stopped and they could get back to enjoying games, especially when a company like Daybreak Games no longer has any direct affiliation with Sony.
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