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Open world zombie action game Dead Island may be getting a sequel. Producer Sebastian Reichert said in a new interview that they've given some thought to a second installment in the series.

"Yes, we have," Reichert said when asked by GI if they've considered a sequel. Unfortunately, that's all he says. Just those three words shoule be enough to make a few hearts race, though.

In Dead Island, the residents of a tropical resort turn into zombies. The small number of humans left band together to survive and escape. A few of them make it off the island in the end. The possibility of the virus reaching other areas of the world still exists, though, so a sequel would be easy enough to pull off from a story perspective.

Perhaps the strongest indication of a sequel came this fall. Techland trademarked the name Dead World in November. Given the similarities between that name and Dead Island, it seemed like a possible title for a second game. Again, a sequel would probably center around the virus' global spread so Dead World seems like a logical name.

In the mean time, Techland is still continuing to support Dead Island. Two weeks ago, they announced a new DLC campaign that lets players take on the role of DI villain Ryder White. The Ryder White DLC is slated for release this week on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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