Tequila Works has released their debut game, Deadlight, on the PC. You can download the 2D horror platformer through Steam for $12.74 until November 1st, and $14.99 after that.

Deadlight takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Much of the Earth's population has been turned into walking corpses. Players control Randall Wayne, a survivor searching for his family.

The game's described as a "cinematic survival platformer." Players can attack the zombies but they're greatly outnumbered. It's better to sneak past or otherwise avoid them.

Deadlight was previously released on the Xbox 360 this summer. PC gamers may have had to wait longer but, on the bright side, they can expect several extras with their version of the game. Behind-the-scenes videos, concept art and other assets will give you a peek at the development process. A new Nightmare difficulty will provide a challenge to more experienced players.

The launch trailer for the Steam version of Deadlight is below.

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