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To The Death Heads To Kickstarter, Asks For $400,000

We've seen a lot of Kickstarters come and go, usually with easily identifiable traits that could make or break them as viable contenders in the competitive marketplace. One game, however, that doesn't seem to aim to contend with any direct brand or franchise out there is something from Scary Mostro and Section Studios called To The Death.

The story itself revolves around two eternal warriors fighting to become the supreme one. It's like Highlander meets Chakan: The Forever Man. Players will get to see both sides of each warrior as the game moves both warriors toward the goal of fighting each other in one final, epic clash to the death.

The concept is pretty cool as you can play the campaign either as a single-player game, a co-op title, or versus mode. Very few games have attempted to take on that style of story progression, but it's awesome that the team is attempting it in the first place.

I also have to say that the art-style and character designs are superb. I love it. The sort of dark, H.R. Giger-style approach to the armor, character and weapon designs is completely awesome. The mix of being a side-scrolling, arcade beat-'em-up is also pretty neat.

The gameplay is almost identical to Psikyo's amazingly dark and gorgeously designed Sol Divide, a classic side-scrolling arcade title from the PSX era for the original PlayStation and arcades. You can check out the similarities of the gameplay with the video below.

I've been waiting ages for someone to come along and finally design a game that works as a spiritual successor to the mechanical concepts that were introduced in Sol Divide. That's not to mention that the storyline in both games are pretty bleak and fascinating. Although, Sol Divide was more about redemption and falling, where-as To The Death is more about an unwavering clash between unforgiving warriors.

The Kickstarter has already garnered more than $14,000 after going live today, so they're off to a decent start. The real question will be if they can excel and maintain some measure of momentum in order to hit the $400,000 goal by February 19th? Some Kickstarters blast past their marks with ease, others require a lot more goading and prodding from the community before they hit their target.

If you want to see To The Death become a reality on Steam, Mac and Linux, and you feel it's something you would like to play, either alone or with a friend, you can pledge some funds to the cause by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.