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Open world crafting/adventure game Terraria and steampunk had a baby, and its name is Deepworld, a massively multiplayer online crafting adventure game that is now available on Mac.

Once you’re created your own 2D character, Deepworld unleashes the player in an MMO world to seek for “treasures and lost technology hidden in the depths of a dilapidated steampunk universe.” Like Minecraft and Terraria before it, Deepworld is all about exploring a massive landscape, mining for precious minerals and goodies, crafting oodles of items and building just about anything you can think of.

In Deepworld, players get to explore hand-drawn mountains, caves and ruins, as well as visit the cities being built by their online friends. The crafting system allows you to create hundreds of items, including weapons that will come in handy while battling the monsters roaming the game’s vast depths. You’ll also be able to discover lost pieces of technology in order to build robots, so that’s cool, too.

Deepworld isn’t merely a sandbox for mining and crafting,” said Bytebin developers Mike Laurence and Jason Pearl, presumably in unison. “It’s a full MMO where you can build your world with friends and meet new ones. The seamless cross-platform access through the cloud means that you can play at home on your Mac and anywhere on the iPad, entering right back into the same place in the game.”

Deepworld is only currently available for the Mac, but it should be releasing on iPad sometime this November. If you’re gaming on a Mac, you can pick it up now for $5. You can also sign up for the iPad beta now.