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GameHi is holding a special event for their bloody fantastic MMORPG, Dekaron. The event sees players grabbing hold of a limited edition Golden Fishing Rod and Golden Fishing Bait to capture rare fish.

According to the press release…
The ‘Golden Fishing Rod’ and ‘Golden Bait’ are available for use during the duration of the Spring Hero Event. Each item increases the rate at which players catch the rare and beautiful ‘Golden Carp.’ Players are encouraged to catch as many as possible because these golden prizes are exchangeable within the ‘Fancy Random Box,' which is loaded with valuable in-game merchandise.

This event comes as a total surprise given that Dekaron is by and far one of the most gruesome, fun, fast-paced grinding MMOs out there yet the spring event consists of fishing.

Anyway, gamers have from April 29th to May 27th to get in some Golden Fishing time and after that it’s back to the same old grind. For more information on the event or to get in on the action with the free-to-play MMORPG, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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