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The new Alienware 14, 17 and 18 each bring their own measure of high-end portable gaming to the computer laptop space at less-than-affordable prices for very top-end hardware. Dell and their Alienware division announced that the new laptop ranges are currently available for gamers who want the best and brightest gear while they game on the go.

Frank Azor, General Manager of Alienware commented about the new laptop brand and the matching Vindicator gaming bags to carry your swag, saying...
“The new laptops and matching Vindicator bags are the latest culmination of listening and learning from our customers since we delivered our first gaming system back in 1996,”. “We spent countless hours meticulously thinking through every detail of these new products to ensure they would be the most amazing line-up we’ve introduced yet.”

The 14-inch, the 17-inch and the 18-inch laptops come with Intel's patented quad-core i7 processors, a 7xx series Nvidia GPU from their mobile line, DDRL3 memory and sport Qualcomm's Killer technology at the heart of their networking capabilities. The Alienware 18 gaming laptop will also come equipped with dual Nvidia GPUs in SLI for double the performance.

Unfortunately, the press release didn't include actual pricing details right out of the gate. Given the usual prices for most Alienware products you can expect the 18-incher to be in the $2k category -- oops, looks like the website has the details. The 14-inch will retail for $1,199, the 17-inch is available for $1,499 and the 18-incher carries a $2,099 price point.

Dell and their Alienware brand is currently showcasing the new gaming laptops at this year's E3 on the showfloor. If you don't mind supporting a company who is regularly lambasted by Greenpeace for toxic materials, or you don't mind their less-than-reliable laptops for gaming, you can learn more about their products by paying a visit to their official website.

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