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Curious how a new-generation of the 1994, cavern-shooter Descent would look? Well look no further than the Unreal Development Kit community project to bring Interplay's six-degree shooter into today's generation of high-end computer gaming.

Headed up by Mad Max, the Descent to UDK remake is gathering up helpers and community folk right now. To help convince people that he's serious about the project, a new gameplay demo trailer was released to show off how much of the game has been completed.

It looks all right. I mean, a lot of the basics are automated in the UDK so it's more so about getting the control and ship designs down and then fleshing out the levels.

Max plans on recreating the old Interplay game from level-to-level until it's a full recreation of one of the most classic shooter titles in PC gaming history. Personally, I was never all that fond of Descent and it used to hurt my eyes with all the twisting and twirling, I was more of a Zone Raiders kind of guy...that game kicked butt.

Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about Descent to UDK or would like to join in on the development, feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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