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Two new trailers for Eight Wonder Studios' third-person zombie shooter, Desert Zombie: Last Stand, has surfaced featuring some delicious sounding weapons being used to blast apart zombies in two different stages.

Running on Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit, Eight Wonder Studios shows off some high-quality gameplay and features that proves you don't need $10 million to make a fun, good looking shooter game. The two stages on display show off the game's survival-mode against wave after wave of zombies. The visual effects are pretty good and the weapon sounds are very satisfying.

It's amazing that we don't get more games like this on consoles and PC...dang. A few scripted events and some minor destructibility and Desert Zombie could be a nice little co-op alternative to Gears of War.

It looks like the team has done a superb job with the gameplay design and functionality. Hopefully it all comes together for a smooth, streamlined experience.

You can look for Desert Zombie: Last Stand on the iTunes App Store right now. An update release is also planned for December 9th. You can learn more about Desert Zombie by visiting the Official Facebook Page.

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